Seven Things You Don’t Know About Me

So I’ve been tagged for this “meme” blog by three of my fellow bloggers, Errin Gregory in Just A Thought , Heidi Hass Gable in Learning Conversations and Cindy Martin at the Blog Junkie. Most of you are already familiar with the drill, but in case you’re not, the idea is that I post seven things that readers wouldn’t know about me unless they read this blog. When I finish I tag seven more people.  This “game” has lead me to expand my network as I’ve stumbed across other who have written and then followed their tags.  I’ve loved the blogging journeys but have been slow to get this posted because I don’t believe in assigning homework as Dave Truss calls it and so after reading his blog decided to tag my seven (or more) this way: If you haven’t yet been tagged and would like to “play”, please tag yourself by adding a comment here linking to your blog. I’d love to read your list. You should also tag your blog post with the tag “meme”.

So, seven things:

1. I love animals but I live in pet free zone: When our last pet, a beautiful little Siamese cat, was taken by a coyote four years ago my husband declared our house a “pet free zone.” While I’m not proud nor thrilled with this status, I have to be grateful for his years of patience with the cats, fish, frogs, guinea pigs, and hamsters that IChimney brought home over the years that we had small children.  I suspect the only pets he could really relate to and love were our big dog Anna and the last cat, Chimney.  The pet free status stands only because he’s agreed to travel frequently while it lasts.

2. I am a certified scuba diver: I almost managed to dive off of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia three summers ago, but the whole time we were North in Queensland the winds wouldn’t let up and the boats were barely heading out. I haven’t done a lot of scuba diving but I’ve passed the certification course twice. I don’t have a lot of confidence in myself as a diver mostly because I’m terrified of meeting up with something half my size under the water. I would however still like to dive where there are turtles.


3. I come from a large family: I have three brothers and three sisters all with very differing political views. I have one sister and one brother who are both United Church ministers. My political views, though not my religious views, are most in line with theirs in that I believe politics should be driven by social justice.  My family alone provides evidence for a greater need to find solutions to our expanding world population: two parents, seven children, 24 grandchildren, 21 greatgrandchildren so far and they are just getting started!  The oldest grandchild just turned 40, but the youngest is only 9. At least 10 are still below 30 and not yet married.

5. I love to write: My secret (until now) ambition is to write more. Writing is not something I spend a lot of time at but when I do write, I thoroughly enjoy myself.  I’d love to have the luxury of more time to play at writing creatively.  My young adult son is beginning to explore that realm for himself and I’m delighted and perhaps even a little envious.

6. The turtles in my banner are from a picture I took in Mexico: I have loved all the time I’ve spent in Mexico and look forward to much, much more in the future. In fact, I’m working on learning Spanish. I don’t think I’m particularly good at learning languages and so living in Latin America in the future is really the only hope for me ever really being able to speak the language.

7. My dream assignment would be to teach in a one-to-one laptop classroom with an alternative focus on global citizenship: Need I say more?  If you’d like to hire me to give it a try, just let me know!

6 thoughts on “Seven Things You Don’t Know About Me

  1. “Turtles all the way down”… Google it:-)

    On the theme of ‘assignments’ here is some food for thought… Almost since I started blogging I’ve considered myself a proponent of “Slow Blogging” -something I think you will be interested in.

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. I also really love reading the 7 things memes. They are so interesting and give a wonderful insight into people whose blogs I read, but have never met, you being the exception.
    How cool, to dive! I would love to scuba dive. My oldest daughter does, but I swim like a stone and am severely claustrophobic. No underwater anything for me. How fantastic to dive the Great Barrier Reef!
    It is great to find someone who also loves to write!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I admired that banner photo of the turtles the first time I saw it! It’s a great photo! I’ll cross my figures for you to get that one-to-one laptop classroom – the two grade seven classes in my town (yes, only two!) are both one-to-one laptop classrooms and I can only dream about the possibilities in such a setting!

  4. Like Errin I’ve admired your banner ever since I first checked out your blog–great photo! I enjoy your writing, so I hope you realize your dream of having the luxury of time to write more.

  5. Re no. 7 I can’t hire you but I would love to be one of your students! Was great scuba diving and doing yoga with you. I look forward to getting together again: keeping healthy, enjoying our world and talking about justice!