Bring Back Our Girls

Dear Mr Paradis, MP, (Mégantic-L’Érable)

I am writing to ask what Canada is doing to encourage and support the Nigerian Government in having the Nigerian School girls returned to their families.

I know that you are traveling to Abuja, Nigeria this week for the World Economic Forum on Africa. It concerns me that this Forum may be continuing on as if the Boko Haram group has not changed the course of so many lives right there where you will be. It concerns me too that these young lives are girls who, too often everywhere in the world, are treated as expendable. Mr. Paradis you have a daughter. I too have daughters, two of them. I can’t imagine the horror and pain that I would feel if this were to happen to them. In fact, through them I feel some of the horror and pain that the Nigerian parents are feeling. Can you feel it?

Please Mr Paradis, tell us what you are doing as Minister of International Development to support the #BringBackOurGirls campaign. Voting Canadians like me, mothers, parents like me, concerned world citizens like me, we need to know what stance Canada is taking with regard to this urgent issue. How is this impacting your participation in the World Economic on Africa in Abuja, Nigeria this week?

Thank you.
Betty Gilgoff

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